CSST Meet!

CSST Meet Jan 11/12, 2020

Cheyenne Mountain HS 1200 Cresta Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

Check email for program attachments. They will not have programs at the meet. Print your own.

Saturday AM 12&under Warm up 7:40-8am Ln 4&5. Meet end 12:23pm Kathleen/Jess

Saturday PM 13&over Warm up 12:55-1:20pm Ln 7 Meet end 4:49pm Kathleen/Jess

Sunday AM 12&under Warm up 7:40-8am Ln 7/8 Meet end 1:02pm Warren/Sheli

Sunday PM 13&over Warm up 1:25-2pm Ln 4 Meet end 4:59pm Warren/Sheli

We will need parent volunteers to help time for Phenomena. Remember your help is what continues to get us into these meets…please help. 

Sat AM LN 8 -1 Sat PM LN 8-1 Sun AM LN 8-1

Don’t forget to print your own program!!!

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