Holidays are Coming!!


Dec. 12-15 Practice schedule will be a normal. On Wednesday Dec. 14 the Tornado group will have a candy bar exchange to celebrate the upcoming holidays. On Thursday Dec. 15 the Hurricane and Elite group will have a candy bar exchange to celebrate the upcoming holidays. These practice days will be filled with fun challenge sets for the athletes and candy bar exchange!

*Each athlete brings a giant sized candy bar wrapped in festive holiday paper. Each athlete that brings a candy bar will go home with a candy bar!

Holiday Break is Fri. Dec. 16-Mon. Jan 2. We will return to practice on Tuesday Jan. 3!

Elite swimmers will have practice Dec. 19-21 3:30-5pm & Dec. 28-29 3:30-5pm

Monthly Dues-I have several athletes who are behind on monthly dues, please make sure to get checks into the black mail box at the Rec.

Meet fees-Please make sure to pay meet fees. This is not something that comes off your stored CC, must be paid by check. 1-day meet $37 2-day meet $67. I have many families who have not paid for meets!!!!!! Your athlete will not be put into upcoming meets if you are not current on payments!

Weather Concerns: We run on Douglas county schools weather cancellation policies. No school no practice! If after school athletics are cancelled so is our practices! As always safety of your athlete and family comes first!!

Have a safe and fun Holiday season!

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