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Phenomena News!

Get Ready swim season is coming!

We start back Sept. 23,2019

Tornado M/W 5:15-6:15pm Sat 7-8am (except meet weekends)

Hurricane T/TH 5-6pm 6-6:30pm drylands (optional) -towel and appropriate shoes (no flipflops) Sat 7-8am (except meet weekends)

Elite 1/2 M/W 3:30-5pm T/TH 7:30-9pm Sat 7-8am  8-8:30am drylands (optional) -towel and appropriate shoes (no flipflops) (except meet weekends)

What to expect:

The first couple of weeks will be focused on technique and conditioning. No gear except goggles are needed until the end of Oct. (coaches will remind).

Meets and registration will be posted soon. All registration for meets must be done thru your team unify account by registration deadline. No late registration will be excepted!

We are guests at the Parker Rec Center and must treat the facility, staff, and equipment as such. Any troubles in the lockerrooms, front desk area, or on deck will get athletes kick off the team.

Athletes will be given badges for there swim bags that must be shown at the front desk. Due to all the craziness of our society and the security of our athletes at a community place no breezing by the front desk at anytime without showing badges.

There is no waiting for athletes in the drive up loop outside the front doors, it is used to drive up pick up and move on. There are many disabled individuals that need this close access and we cannpt be blocking the area waiting for athletes who may take 10-30 minutes getting out of the lockerroom. They are very strict on this rule this year!

Welcome Back for a great 2019/2020 season

Any questions please contact Sheli at

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