SwimTLC summer swim lessons

Grange each week of lesson will hold an 8:30am and 9:00am class. If these fill we will add another time slot. $50/lesson. Lessons are 1/2hr M-F for 1 week.
June 9-13
June 23-27
July 7-11
July 21-25
Clarke Farms each week of lesson will hold an 8:30am and 9:00am class. If these fill we will add another time slot. $50/lesson. Lessons are 1/2hr M-F for 1 week.
June 16-20
July 14-18
July 28-Aug 1


Registration process for lessons will be as follows. There will be NO online registration this year. Registration will take place in person only.
Registration date is April 26, 2014 participants can register at either location for lesson for their home pool. We will also take registration at pools front desk starting May 27,2014. No front desk registrations will be taken opening weekend/holiday Monday.

Clarke Farms registration April 26,2014 8-10am 17301 Clarke Farms Drive, Parker CO
Grange registration April 26,2014 12-2pm 3692 Meadows Blvd Castle Rock, CO

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18 comments on “SwimTLC summer swim lessons
  1. Trish says:

    You say $50/lesson, so is that each day or each week?

  2. Katie says:

    What ages is this for? Thank you.

  3. Sarah Lemire says:

    Is there a way to register for lessons at the Grange other than April 25 from 12-2? I am used to your online way and have plans on Saturday.

  4. I have a 3 year old, is this swim class with instructor and no parent participation needed? Thanks

  5. Carol Conz says:

    At The Grange, I was told to sign up for swim lessons on May 24th at the ‘Silo’. But on this site, I see AFTER Memorial Day. Which is correct? Can I reserve our spots on May 24th?

    • We will have registration starting on Tuesday May 27. The first weekend and Memorial Day is a bit crazy so we will start on the Tuesday following Memorial Day.

  6. Kristin Montgomery says:

    Are private lessons available on the weekends or evenings?

  7. Heather says:

    We have twins that are 5 and my husband and I will both be working during the weekdays when your lessons are held. If there is enough interest, would you consider a weekend or evening class?

    • Weekend classes are out due to the community participation at the pool and instructors work schedules. We have tried evening classes in the past and due to the weather and temps we can have in CO. we end up canceling more classes than we give. We do have semi-private lessons that can be given evenings and weekends.

  8. Vicki Capps says:

    Can you please provide more information on how to set up private lessons, as we are unable to do the group lessons and want to get started as soon as possible? Thanks.

    • Go to the office at the pool and they have all the paperwork to register for private and semi-private lessons.
      Once you have registered your swimmer for private lessons the paper work is given to an instructor and they call you directly to set up date and times that fit your schedule. Private lessons are 1/2 in length and cost is $25/lesson. You can register for as many or few as you want and you can always add more.

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